Fire officials have been warning California residents, and now, they are seeing it first hand–that the fire season has no official end in this state. 

It’s near mid-November, and we have big wildfires raging throughout California.

One thing has become clear in the state–if you want to live in California, you need to get used to the threat of wildfires and smokey skies. 

It is the new normal–a year-round fire season.

And Cal Fire wants everyone, even in urban big cities, to be packed up and ready to evacuate.

“We are in fire season every day now in California,” Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott said.

At a press conference in Mather, Pimlott told of what we all kind of know but don’t want to face.

Fire season used to be basically summer and a little into October. That’s all out the door now.

California is now under a year-round fire season. 

“We use to just have summer bad, but not all year, and need to be prepared for December and January,” Pimlott said.

Pimlott says the recent droughts and climate change are contributing factors to our new, never-ending fire season. 

“Weather patterns have changed,” Pimlott said. “We get more snow than rain. It is setting up vegetation for being more like fuel, more droughts.”

Cal Fire has set up a website that details out everything you should do now to prepare for a wildfire evacuation.

And now is a good time for that.

As for this weekend, we are under a Red Flag warning.