New California laws taking effect July 1


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Come July 1, Californians will face several new laws.


Starting Monday, California will become the first state to require background checks when purchasing ammunition.

Gov. Gavin Newsom says the law will help deter gun violence and ultimately save lives.

Opponents have filed a lawsuit in hopes of changing the law, saying its unfair toward law abiding gun owners.

Police Body Camera Footage

Another law taking effect Monday deals with police transparency.

California police departments will now be required to release body camera footage within 45 days of an incident where a police officer used his or her weapon.

Muni Fare Increase

Come July 1, Bay Area residents can expect to pay more when riding the Muni.

A single ride will cost $3 if you pay with cash or buy a limited use ticket.

For clipper card holders or those paying with the Muni app, fares will stay at $2.50.

Gas Tax Increase

Another new law will impact California drivers.

The gas tax is set to increase July 1.

Bay Area drivers already pay the highest average price for gas in the U.S., but starting Monday, California drivers will pay 6 cents more at the gas pump.

The tax money is going toward repairing bridges and roads in the state.

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