Actor Jeff Goldblum advocates banning single-use plastics in California


SACRAMENTO (KRON) – Actor Jeff Goldblum spent the day at the State Capitol.

“I’m of the opinion my life belongs to the community,” Goldblum said. 

Goldblum took a short break from acting on Wednesday to advocate for proposed laws that aim to cut down on single-use plastics in California.

“My concern is it won’t be addressed and attended to. Before we know it, more and more plastic is going to show up, junk is going to show up, it’s in our bodies, in the food we eat, we don’t know the ill effects of it, yet that my children will live a reduced life, with reduced beauty around them, reduced healthy nature,” Goldblum said. 

The two bills Goldblum would like lawmakers to pass, SB54 and AB1080, would require California to reduce its use of single-use plastics by 75% within the next decade.

Goldblum showcasing a variety of metal straws, he says he takes steps every day to personally to curb his use of plastic.

“Bottled water and plastics, whenever I go to a movie set, I now take my thermos, we have a filtration system in the house, all that,” Goldblum said. 

Goldblum got a lot of attention on what he says was his first visit to Sacramento, posing for pictures in hallways throughout the day. 

He also spent the day meeting with members of the governor’s office and lawmakers.

The actor hoping to raise more awareness for legislation lawmakers stalled last year.

“This is urgent, and California can lead,” Goldblum said. 

Both bills have cleared committees and one house, both are still considered active and are in the final floor process.

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