VALLEJO (KRON) — These are pictures of the two huskies after they were impounded by the Solano County Animal Control.

The two dogs got under the fence of the Loma Vista Farm Friday night and went on a vicious rampage. Three 6-year-old alpacas named Racer, Skyfall and Pacheco were found dead by a caretaker.

Three sheep and two pygmy goats were also attacked but are recovering from their multiple bite wounds.

Today flowers were left tied to the fence of the farm.

Another bouquet was left with a note that reads “we feel for your loss of the beautiful spirits.”

The farm is part of the Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy’s campus and is visited weekly by the students.

It’s is also a destination for field trips for students from other schools both in and out of the Vallejo School District.

The farm keeper says the alpacas were loved by the kids who came to visit.

“They’re going to be very sad, whenever we have a loss of an animal it affects them very deeply, they just focus on it and it shakes them to their little cores,” she said. “It’s heartbreaking knowing that these children are also gonna be deeply impacted by this loss.”

She says she’s frustrated that the huskies, who had gotten on to the farm once before had not been kept contained.

The Solano County Animal Control says the owners have surrendered the dogs and it has not yet been determined if they will face any charges or if the dogs have to be put down.

Meanwhile the injured goats and sheep are being kept inside as they recover.

A sign posted on the front gate of the farm is letting visitors know that they will be closed until Feb. 20.

They say that will give the injured animals the time and quiet they need to heal.