SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The average Californian is prepared to gain 14 pound in order to continue drinking alcohol, according to a new study. Alcohol can be highly caloric, with a beer containing as many calories as a large slice of pizza.

Despite the risk of weight gain and the overall negative effects associated with alcohol, even health-conscious Californians are willing to continue to drink, despite the possibility of piling on the pounds. A survey conducted by found Golden State drinkers were OK with gaining 14 pounds in order to continue consuming their favorite alcoholic beverage.

This is roughly the equivalent of carrying around 224 slices of bacon in your body. But the figure may not be that surprising when you consider that a 2021 study from found that the average American drinker would be willing to give up three years of their life if it meant they could continue to drink.

Despite their reputation for being health- and body-conscious, Californians fell roughly in the middle when it came to how much weight they’d be willing to gain in order to keep drinking. Rhode Islanders were the most accepting and would be willing to carry around an extra 28 pound in order not to give up drinking. On the other end of the spectrum, drinkers in Hawaii, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont were more committed to maintaining their six-packs and would only accept eight pounds.

Another interesting finding from the survey is that 53% of Americans polled believe that alcohol calories are somehow different than “regular” calories. Another 46% of those polled believed that moderate consumption of alcohol has health benefits, despite studies showing otherwise. Compounding the issue is the fact that alcohol tends to have a knock-on effect, making us want to eat more while drinking while also making us more prone to choose a less-than-healthy option.