San Diego Police Department said one its police dogs, Titan, was in “good spirits” and “taking positive steps towards recovery” as he recovered from a stabbing that left him in need of more than 100 stitches.

Police said on Tuesday Ttian had been stabbed following an incident in which officers responded to a report of trespassing.

“When the officers tried speaking to the man, he refused to give his information,” police said

“When he kept reaching for his bag, the officers tried to put him in handcuffs. Instead of complying, the suspect punched the officers and ran, entering military property where he stood on a shipping container waving a knife for four hours.

“The Emergency Negotiation Team came to the scene to try and get the man to come down and cooperate. They finally got him down, but he still refused to put the knife down. The officer released his K9 partner, Titan, to assist and the suspect stabbed him.”

Titan was rushed to a veterinary hospital where he received stitches and had six to eight inches of his colon surgically removed.

He’s now on the road to recovery.