(KRON) — Feeling lucky? Friday night was your chance to win close to $1.3 billion dollars in the Mega Millions lottery. KRON4 spoke with a California lottery spokesperson about one group that wins every year.

They say you can’t win if you don’t play. It could also be said the odds of winning are so remote it’s like you didn’t play.

California lottery spokesperson Carolyn Becker talks about the chances of drawing those winning numbers.

“Everybody has the same odds every time there is a Mega Millions draw no matter how high that jackpot is,” Becker said. “Unfortunately, those odds are pretty slim. One in every 302 million to hit the jackpot.”

Even with the odds astronomically stacked against having the winning ticket, there is one group that always wins no matter the odds.

“The public education system. Public school students will have access to programs and services that might not other ways get,” Becker said.

In fact, the California Lottery website now has a Who Benefits page, which is sort of a “follow the money” tracker that includes a map that shows how much schools in every county in California have received year to date — including the cumulative total dating back from 1985 to now.

Feeling lucky?

“Yes!” says Superintendent Mt. Diablo Unified School District Dr. Adam Clark.

Although the Mount Diablo Unified School District has a $440 million annual budget in Contra Costa County, Clark says the money helps make ends meet.

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“Our annual lottery from the California Lottery is somewhere around $4 to $7 million dollars,” Clark said. “That’s nothing to sneeze at. And a lot of that goes into books and supplies. It also may help offset salaries or what not”

California Lottery officials say most winners chose to forgo the monthly payout distributed over 30 years and elect to take the lump sum.