SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Caitlyn Jenner is the latest to announce her intent to face off California Governor Gavin Newsom in a potential recall election later this year.

The 71-year-old ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star and Olympic gold medalist has been a Republican throughout her life – but denounced support for former President Donald Trump in 2018 due to transgender rights. She came out as a transgender woman in 2015.

“My outlook has changed significantly from what it was during my highly publicized and glamorized early Caitlyn days, when my life as an out trans woman was just beginning,” Jenner wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

Although her campaign website does not outline her platform as of Friday morning, she further mentioned in the 2018 op-ed that she “is more determined than ever to find the best way to bring trans issues to the fore of our social and political conversation.”

Specifically, Jenner highlighted issues of homelessness, job discrimination, health care access, mental health and violence against transgender people in the op-ed.

Despite this push to show herself as an advocate in the political sphere, California’s largest organization for LGBTQ+ civil rights is against her campaign.

“Californians — and #trans Californians, in particular — understand all too well the risk of electing another reality TV star who cares more about fame and money than civil rights, healthcare and the safety of our communities,” Equality California tweeted on Friday morning.

They continued by tweeting support for Newsom, saying he’s “been there for us, time and time again.”

Aside from her focus on helping the transgender community, Jenner said in her campaign announcement that the “over-restrictive” California pandemic lockdown devastated small businesses. She also says taxes are too high.

Jenner most recently called herself a “fiscal conservative and socially liberal candidate” in a tweet response to Inside California Politics.

“This will be a campaign of solutions,” she said, adding that a formal announcement will be made in the coming weeks.