California announces lawsuit against Trump Administration over EPA decision


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — State leaders announced Tuesday they are suing the Trump Administration for its decision to ease restrictions on coal-fired power plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency finalized its decision to eliminate the “clean power plan” in June, replacing it with a policy that gives states more power to decide how to regulate the plants.

But many are saying the rule basically ignores an EPA mandate that limits greenhouse gases and disregards the clean power plans’ push to limit pollution from fossil-fuel power plants.

“That effort is foolish. It’s a toothless substitute they present in the place of the Clean Power Plan, it’s more of a fossil fuels protection plan, and it is ill-advised, but more importantly, it’s against the law,” said Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 

California is one of 22 states suing the Trump Administration over this along with seven cities.

“This is about our kids and grandkids,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said. “All I will ask, to this administration, how can you look in the eyes of your grandkids and kids and say that anything you are doing is about them?” 

But federal officials argue americans want reliable energy they can afford.

Touring the top of the California EPA building, the governor and other state leaders say they are proud of california’s progress toward meeting its clean energy goals.

“We’re now using zero carbon power 50% of the time in our state, those statistics are translating into healthier lungs for our children and they point the way to stop global warming,” said Chair of California’s Air Resources Board Mary Nichols. 

The latest lawsuit adding to the more than 50 lawsuits California has filed against the federal government. 

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