SAN DIEGO — San Diego is considered the “greenest” city in the country, according to a recent study by WalletHub.

“Green living,” according to the personal finance company, means a choice to engage in cleaner, more sustainable habits in order to preserve the planet as much as possible.

Researchers at WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities by population across key indicators that were subcategorized into four groups: energy sources, transportation, environment, as well as lifestyle and policy.

San Diego ranked No. 1 nationwide with a total score of 71.76. San Jose came in at six with a score of 66.83; San Francisco ranked seventh with a score of 66.65.

Slightly trailing San Diego, Honolulu, Hawaii ranked No. 2 and Portland, Oregon ranked No. 3. On the contrary, Gilbert, Arizona was listed in last place at No. 100.

This is the second year in a row WalletHub ranked San Diego as the “greenest city” in America. Their full rankings for 2023 can be found below:

Things that were taken into consideration included factors like water quality, green space, light population, miles of bicycle lanes, community gardens, presence of plastic bag bans, the number of smart-energy initiatives, among several other components.

More on the methodology can be found here.

Overall Rank*CityTotal Score Environment Transportation Energy Sources Lifestyle & Policy 
1San Diego, CA71.7642623
2Honolulu, HI69.53322610
3Portland, OR68.791412131
4Washington, DC68.2075158
5Seattle, WA67.223710112
6San Jose, CA66.831316125
7San Francisco, CA66.65223206
8Oakland, CA66.591814313
9Fremont, CA66.47225535
10Minneapolis, MN64.451213114
11Irvine, CA62.452031523
12Sacramento, CA62.246113167
13Denver, CO61.00757215
14Albuquerque, NM59.8528581429
15Madison, WI59.58546231
16Buffalo, NY59.373084719
17Riverside, CA57.148355194
18St. Paul, MN57.0727502834
19Stockton, CA56.9034972511
20Long Beach, CA56.858891030
21Boston, MA56.529113772
22Los Angeles, CA56.3787381221
23Austin, TX56.2932323632
24Chula Vista, CA56.045763446
25New York, NY55.2664363418
26Bakersfield, CA55.0586222224
27Pittsburgh, PA55.0311177622
28Anaheim, CA54.966056533
29San Bernardino, CA54.927062520
30Boise, ID54.6973212342
31Lincoln, NE54.6623153389
32Fresno, CA53.9585651812
33Reno, NV53.7450423540
34Las Vegas, NV53.1982301748
35Baltimore, MD52.8942345815
36Cincinnati, OH52.6721249017
37Colorado Springs, CO51.8649463262
38Orlando, FL51.7956396016
39Atlanta, GA51.5524235649
40Philadelphia, PA50.8741337027
41Santa Ana, CA50.239448537
42Anchorage, AK49.6254475445
43Scottsdale, AZ49.5653437144
44San Antonio, TX49.4967593066
45Lubbock, TX49.0563614054
46St. Louis, MO48.9344855726
47Milwaukee, WI48.8743298236
48Aurora, CO48.8177702458
49Raleigh, NC48.7428407553
50Omaha, NE48.3819446179
51Kansas City, MO48.3252275964
52Garland, TX48.14481004041
53Charlotte, NC48.0631526452
54Nashville, TN47.7816606778
55Toledo, OH47.7215359867
56Tampa, FL47.6645199443
57Wichita, KS47.3735964990
58Miami, FL47.338120889
59El Paso, TX47.3047645385
60Virginia Beach, VA47.111988365
61Henderson, NV47.0065794856
62Tucson, AZ46.7172186947
63Lexington-Fayette, KY46.5917749582
64New Orleans, LA46.4351376588
65Phoenix, AZ46.1874833851
66Indianapolis, IN46.1036666373
67Columbus, OH45.9939418070
68Laredo, TX45.8866814080
69Tulsa, OK45.8089452799
70Chesapeake, VA45.636909281
71Jacksonville, FL45.2510499196
72Durham, NC45.2455676693
73Dallas, TX45.1976725250
74Irving, TX45.1368994061
75St. Petersburg, FL45.1126777887
76Jersey City, NJ44.969269938
77Fort Wayne, IN44.7646768598
78Winston-Salem, NC44.6825877995
79Norfolk, VA44.2740849275
80Chicago, IL44.1695515528
81Oklahoma City, OK43.8690683976
82Fort Worth, TX43.8580805163
83Memphis, TN43.5638697797
83Birmingham, AL43.568929669
85North Las Vegas, NV43.48847329100
86Louisville, KY43.2758538955
87Cleveland, OH43.2033918668
88Arlington, TX43.1169824094
89Plano, TX42.5371954086
90Corpus Christi, TX42.2779944092
91Greensboro, NC41.5959938171
92Detroit, MI41.1862548484
93Hialeah, FL41.1478869739
94Newark, NJ40.5993288757
95Houston, TX37.9699895060
96Chandler, AZ36.8396787174
97Baton Rouge, LA36.22915710077
98Mesa, AZ36.2097716883
99Glendale, AZ35.7098757191
100Gilbert, AZ35.17100887159

According to a Gallup poll, 52% of Americans believe environmental protections should be prioritized over economic growth.