SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The DMV will be closed Wednesday morning until 1 p.m. due to statewide training taking place.

The training will prepare about 5,000 employees to most efficiently process incoming REAL ID applications, which take more time.

It will be required for all passengers flying in the country to have a REAL ID driver’s license or ID card before boarding a plane to begin Oct. 1, 2020.

As this date quickly approaches, people are trying to get this done and DMV officials say there has been a surge of drivers trying to get theirs in time this summer.

The hope is that this training ensures all employees get the right information needed to complete the application.

On Tuesday Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke out about the many problems people encounter at the DMV and changes that will be made to ease those for future customers.

Newsom says about 28 million people still need to get a REAL ID so to deal with the influx, more employees will be hired – most of them temporary.

Also, the DMV recently had yet another outage, Newsom says in good time they will get a new system, but fixing these issues will not happen overnight.

Even though the DMV will be closed until 1 p.m. you can still call them if you have any questions.

The self-help kiosks at grocery stores will also remain open.

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