SACRAMENTO (KRON) – The impeachment inquiry ​into President Trump isn’t slowing the flow of lawsuits California is filing against the federal government.

62 lawsuits and counting, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra adding another to the pile Wednesday.

This latest lawsuit over the Trump administration’s rollback on regulations of the Endangered Species Act.

“Now is the time to strengthen our biodiversity, not destroy it,” Xavier Becerra said.

Of the 62 lawsuits California has filed against the Trump administration, about half of them are related to the environment.

“Their recent actions show they’re continuing their lawless behavior,” Becerra said.

Becerra also weighing in on the impeachment inquiry into the president.

Becerra criticized the Department of Justice for interfering in the release of the whistleblower report now at the center of the inquiry.

“The administration was trying to withhold information, it’s chilling it’s too reminiscent, in fact, it’s beyond Watergate, it’s beyond Nixonian,” Becerra said.

So what happens with all the lawsuits California has filed if the president is impeached?

Becerra says he’s not sure but says there’s a good chance those lawsuits will get resolved faster if the new administration is quote “willing to respect the law.”