(KRON) — The United States currently has 1,454,400 registered electric vehicles, and about one-third of those are registered in California, according to data from the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

As the birthplace of world’s largest EV company, Tesla, it comes as no surprise that California by far has the most registered electric vehicles in the country. This also supports California’s carbon emissions goals to be net zero by 2045, one of the most ambitious goals in the country.

In 2021, the state had a whopping 536,100 registered electric vehicles out of its nearly 34 million total registered vehicles, which included hybrids and traditional fuel-run cars.

This shows an approximately 26 percent increase in electric vehicles year over year and follows an overall growth trend in the state since 2016, showing an approximately 279 percent increase.

Comparatively, the number of gasoline-powered vehicles registered in California has stayed relatively stable showing only a 12 percent increase since 2016.

Making the top-five list for EV ownership behind California were:

  • Florida: 95,600
  • Texas: 80,900
  • Washington: 66,800
  • New York: 51,900

The five states with the least amount of registered electric vehicles in 2021 were:

  • North Dakota: 400
  • Wyoming: 500
  • South Dakota: 700
  • West Virginia: 1,000
  • Alaska: 1,300

These stats correspond with the most and least populous states in America, California, Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania being the most and Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota being the least, according to World Atlas, excluding the District of Columbia. It’s also worth noting that EVs are known for having a decreased driving range in places with colder climates.

Overall, The U.S. has seen a significant growth trend in EVs showing an approximately 419 percent increase from 2016 to 2021 with all states independently showing significant increases in the number of registered electric vehicles.

For the full dataset, click here.