SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The California Department of Public Health on Sunday issued an updated guidance on coronavirus testing, expanding its recommendations for testing to include those who exhibit no symptoms.

The department lists hospitalized patients, symptomatic health care workers, and residents and staff living in high-risk settings, such as correctional facilities and congregate living facilities, as “Priority 1.”

Second-highest priority are asymptomatic residents before being admitted to congregate living facilities, asymptomatic health care workers, symptomatic people in public safety and essential health jobs, and symptomatic people over 65 years of age or with chronic medical conditions.

“California is leading the way,” Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist at UC Riverside, told the Los Angeles Times. “We will be able to test more individuals, identify more people currently with COVID-19, isolate them, and thereby both flatten the curve and prevent the future spread of infection.”

A study published in Nature found people with relatively minor symptoms, including a cough, low-grade fever and headache, are most contagious before they show any symptoms

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