(KRON) – If you’re watching a horror movie set in the United States, there’s a pretty good chance the story takes place in California. A new study by CableTV.com shows that among the 200 top-ranked horror flicks of all time, the Golden State is far and away the most popular U.S. state to be chosen as the setting.

For the study, CableTV looked at Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the 200 best horror movies of all time. Of the movies set in America, 17 were in California – more than twice as many as any other state.

New York came in second as the setting for seven of the movies. Pennsylvania, Maine, Illinois and Ohio were the only other states with a count higher than two.

As for the state with the most deaths in horror movies, California dropped to the third spot on the list. Pennsylvania topped that list with 615 deaths shown on screen, led by movies like “The Land of the Dead.”

California’s 17 movies on the list produced 163 deaths. It was below Pennsylvania and New York on the list.

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Famous horror movies such as “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Scream” and “The Lost Boys” are set in California. However, CableTV said 2014 film “Creep” was responsible for the most deaths with 38.


The survey was done by taking the movies from Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 200 list and using the 63 movies with a defined state. CableTV totaled the number of deaths using bodycounters.com and List of Deaths Wiki. Only deaths shown on screen were counted.