(KRON) — COVID-19 has reshaped the American workplace. Pew research shows that many people are choosing to work from home, simply because they prefer it.

Now the California State Assembly is proposing another change, reducing the work week from 40 hours, to 32.

“They just have additional flexibility to live life. That’s what this conversation is about,” Assembly member Evan Low said.

Low helped co-author the bill. He thinks it could be a win-win. He says when 32 hour weeks have been tested, it benefits both the employee and the employer.

But Anet Drapalaski, partner at labor law firm Fisher and Phillips, believes the law may not be as beneficial as Low makes it sound.

She says some employers may still need their employees 40 hours, then they will have pay them over time for the additional eight hours.

“On the flipside it comes back on the consumer,” he said. “We’re going to have to pay more if it costs more to produce certain goods and services.”

She also says cutting hours, even if the employees salary remains the same, may negatively impact their mental wellbeing.

“It may also cause stress on employees, and I think that’s something people haven’t considered,” Low said. “They may have less time to complete certain tasks which may cause an increased stress level on employees.”

Low says that the bill is still in it’s beginning stages and there may be some changes to it.