A California lawmaker wants to build new lanes on two highways — with no speed limit. 

Senator John Moorlach says it’s all in an effort to cut back on air pollution and greenhouse gases. 

He says when you’re in traffic, your car is emitting gases that are bad for the environment. 

Moorlach says he wants to see two lanes on each side of both I-5 and Highway 99 — that’s from Bakersfield to Stockton. 

Although he doesn’t have a price tag yet, the senator says his plan is more realistic than a high-speed rail that’s still years away from being built.

“So why don’t we provide people with vehicles the opportunity just to drive at 100 miles an hour, get to San Francisco in a shorter period of time than a train would? We’ve already paid for the right of way, we don’t have to buy that. So now it’s just how much per mile is the concrete going to cost?” 

If the bill passes, it would mean a new northbound and southbound lanes on both I-50 and State Route 99. 

The other lanes on those highways would have a 65-mile-an-hour speed limit.