ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — An Elk Grove father said he and his 8-year-old daughter were denied service for refusing to take off their face masks. 

Richard Hart and his daughter were at Gold, Currency and Collectibles as a reward for her good grades. 

“She was really excited, made really good grades on both of her reports, and before I could say a word she said, ‘Can we go to the coin store today?” Hart told FOX40. 

But as they walked into the store on Elk Grove Boulevard, the sign outside made them pause: No masks allowed. They decided to still go inside the store. 

“I asked the owner, ‘Can she potentially keep her mask on?’ And without missing a beat, he said, ‘No. There are no masks here. Either both of you remove your masks or you leave my store,’” Hart said. 

His 8-year-old daughter was also told to take her mask off. 

“That’s where it went too far. You’re asking my daughter to endanger herself and that’s when it went too far,” Hart said. “She’s unvaccinated and she’s had health issues in the past. And she knows how, as she calls them, scary germs can be. I don’t want her to get sick and she doesn’t want to get sick.”

The incident struck a nerve with Hart, who said he has been a loyal customer of the store for years. 

“I was extremely upset because it’s one thing to walk into a business that says masks optional. It’s a whole nother thing to walk into a business and have them tell you, you need to remove your mask,” Hart said. 

They were disappointed with the situation and chose to put their safety first and walk out. But Hart worries about what could happen to others who comply with the store policy. 

“What if he loses a customer, not because they don’t like what he’s doing, but because they don’t survive,” Hart said. 

FOX40 spoke to the man who said he owns the store and was told “it’s his store, his rules.” As for consequences for breaking the county mask mandate, Sacramento County does not currently have an enforcement ordinance in place.