CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) – If the California Air Resources Board approves this plan Thursday, then Californians will be one step closer to no longer seeing new gas-powered cars being sold.

The plan is to ban the sale of gas cars in 2035.

Officials want to clean the air in our state to fight against air pollution and climate change. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) led a board to put together the plan called Advanced Clean Cars II, which aims to have 35% of new vehicles sold in 2026 be zero emission. This percentage will increase each year until there is a full ban on new gas-powered cars in 13 years.

Officials predict the regulation will result in a 25% reduction in smog-forming emissions from cars by 2037.

State officials are excited for this next step.

Newsom’s Senior Climate Advisor Lauren Sanchez called it “a huge day not only for California but for the country and the entire world as we dive head first into the next chapter of the zero-emission vehicle revolution.”

Bill Magavern of the Coalition for Clean Air said “this is going to do a lot to clean up the air in California and to fight the crisis that we have of air pollution and climate change.”

For those worried about their current cars, the new regulation only covers new car sales. It will still be legal to own and drive your gas-powered vehicle.

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The plan also offers incentives to manufacturers to build low-cost electric vehicles to make them more affordable.

California already has the nation’s largest electric vehicle market in the country with over 1.1 million of them registered in the state and 43% of the nation’s plug-in vehicles.

The board will vote on this Thursday and if passed, it will then go to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for approval.