California may sue Trump over emergency wall declaration


California’s governor and attorney general say they will probably sue President Donald Trump over his emergency declaration to fund a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Xavier Becerra made the announcement Friday in the state capital.

Becerra says there is no emergency at the border and Trump doesn’t have the authority to make the declaration.

“President Trump got it right when he said, he didn’t have to do this,” he said. “Mr. President, you shouldn’t do this.”

The state attorney general and governor are analyzing the details of Trump’s emergency declaration to figure out how it will impact the state’s funding and resources. 

Trump declared a national emergency earlier in the day to fulfill his promise of completing the border wall. 

Trump claims one of the reasons for the wall is to limit the flow of drugs through the Mexican border. 

Earlier this week, Newsom directed the National Guard to deploy troops to help with transnational drug crime. 

“That is exactly the work that now is at risk because of this declaration of emergency,” he said. “That irony is not lost or should not be lost on any Californian”.

Trump’s emergency declaration allows him to bypass Congress to use money from the Pentagon and other budgets.

The announcement was immediately met with resistance from members of Congress.

California has repeatedly challenged Trump in court. Becerra has filed at least 45 lawsuits against the administration.



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