California to appeal tax return ruling


SACRAMENTO (KRON) – California is set to fight a federal ruling to temporarily block a new law that requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla says California will appeal the ruling that came out this week.

A federal judge temporarily blocked a state law that aims to get President Trump to release his tax returns.

The Trump campaign sued the state after Newsom signed this into law earlier this year.

It requires presidential candidates to release five years’ worth of personal tax returns in order to be on the primary ballot.

In his ruling this week, the judge wrote, “It is not the job of the courts, however, to decide whether a tax return disclosure requirement is good policy or makes political sense,”

Padilla’s office said Wednesday, there’s no timeline yet on when that appeal process will begin.

The Secretary of State wrote in a statement, “Our elected leaders have a legal and moral obligation to be transparent with voters about potential conflicts of interest. This law is fundamental to preserving and protecting American democracy.”

President Trump took a jab at the effort and Governor Newsom during a press conference:

“The Governor, Gavin Newsom, he’s another beauty. I was sued by him. He’s a do nothing, I was sued by him so that I can’t get on the ballot in the state of California. It was a massive story.. Trump gets sued by this do-nothing Governor in California. Yesterday I won the case, a very tough smart highly respected judge -not a trump person at all- came out with a scathing and tough opinion.” 

Newsom responded on Twitter saying he mainly just felt bad for the President of Finland who had to endure part of that press conference in the oval office.

California’s new law indicates primary candidates need to submit their tax returns by November 26 in order to get on the ballot in March. 

Whether that sticks will depend on how this all plays out in court.

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