California woman goes on racist rant, calls man 'rapist' and 'animal'

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY (KRON) - A video of a woman verbally attacking a Latino man and his mother for being Mexican has gone viral. 

In the video, a woman goes on an anti-immigrant rant using racial slurs and even sticks her middle finger in Esteban Guzman's face.  

Guzman, a U.S. citizen born and raised in California, says he and his mother were working in a yard in Running Springs when a woman started yelling insults toward them. 

She calls them "rapists" and "animals." 

"Why do you hate us," Guzman asks the woman. 

"Because you're Mexicans," she replies in the video. 

The woman also said, "even the President of the United States says you're a rapist."

Guzman talked with CNN after the video went viral saying he won't let the woman deter him from standing up for himself, his mother and the people that "don't have a voice in this country. "



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