SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) – Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to give an update on Wednesday on the state’s progress on loosening restrictions put in place for the coronavirus.

He will give the first update on how far California is getting on its “road map” to lifting stay at home orders.

“The question is when, when will see a little bit of a release in the valve so that we can lay out some pressure that I know we’re all feeling around the stay at home order and the like,” Newsom said. 

Governor Newsom is using six factors to determine how soon the state can ease its restrictions.

He says Wednesday’s update will be specific to one of the key pieces of evidence his administration wants to see which requires expanded testing and tracking of the infection.

“More tests will be available, we’re seeing  a significant increase in our testing capacity. I’ll remind you, we’ll go into this in great detail tomorrow and be much more prescriptive in terms of subpopulations, geographic distributions of tests and test sites. Tomorrow we’ll talk more specifically about different types of tests,” Newsom said. 

While a state-wide timeline for how soon Californians can get back to work is still unclear, the governor acknowledged in a state as large as this one local jurisdictions might have different timelines.

Some counties in Southern California have started lifting some restrictions on beaches and golf courses.

“They have the ability to make those decisions as long as they don’t contravene or conflict with state guidance. If they do, they don’t have the ability to do that,” Newsom said. 

Other factors in the governor’s roadmap to returning to work include preparing the state’s hospitals to handle the workload once the order lifts, more protections for vulnerable populations, more therapeutics to meet the demand, and making sure schools and businesses can handle physical distancing.

Newsom says he’ll give updates on this road map every Wednesday moving forward.

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