Caught on Camera: Couple crashes car into yard, gets stuck, hangs out

LOS ANGELES (KRON/CNN NEWSOURCE) - A couple crashed their car into someone's yard in Los Angeles Thursday night and the uninvited guests decided to hold an impromptu party there. 

A security camera captured a car crashing into a wall outside a home. The driver hit the gas and backed-up and seemed to be taking off. 

But, she returned a short time later. 

In the video, you can see her drive back and forth until she hit the stairs and ended up getting stuck in the yard. 

Moments later, the couple got out of the car, cranked up the tunes and sat down for a chat. 

Two hours later, the couple was back in the car when the police arrived.

Police say she offered to take a breathalyzer test and was arrested on the suspicion of being intoxicated. 


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