Closer look at Camp Fire devastation in town wiped out by blaze


CAL Fire crews combed through the destruction in Paradise Saturday left by the deadly Camp Fire.

We drove through the area and much of what neighborhood was leveled. Emergency crews surveyed the town’s hospital and the emergency room looked untouched with equipment still intact.

“We still have an active fire scene,” Mike Mohler with CAL Fire said. “Right now firefighters are patrolling, really just working with the public to make sure everyone got out safely.” 

But the clinics on the rear of the campus were reduced to rubble. 

Stranded cars lined the roadways, including a scaled ambulance with its doors flung open.

Simple signs of life are now a complicated mess. 

Fast food restaurants and a shopping center were all flattened as flames swept through the area. 

CAL Fires says the devastation stresses the importance of evacuations. 

“Any community, if you’re impacted by the smoke, what we’ve seen in CA over the past decade… you should be concerned and you need to be ready if you’re asked to evacuate,” Mohler said. “Do so early so please it’s really situational awareness for the public.” 



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