Demonstrators against California’s newest vaccine exemption law protest in Sacramento


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — Several protesters against California’s new crackdown on vaccine exemptions spent Tuesday at the state capitol.

A big bus with “vaxxed” scrawled across the side stood out front.

Polly Tommey is an executive producer of the vaxxed documentary.

“Surely if these senators knew, it would be really nice if one would come out and look at the bus or talk to the parents,” said Tommey said. “But right now they’re turning their faces away, they don’t want to get involved in this controversial subject.”

But some republicans ended up stopping by, including Sen. John Moorlach. 

Many of the demonstrators Tuesday are from more democratic parts of the state.

“If we have bad actors, let’s go after the bad actors, let’s not go after the whole system and create this mandate that inserts government in the middle of this critical relationship,” the state senator said.

This group also has a list of demands urging lawmakers to not move forward with further restrictions and request Gov. Gavin Newsom come up with a commission on this topic.

“We’re making doctors irrelevant, and that’s dangerous,” said Del Bigtree, founder of the Informed Consent Action Network. 

As a national anti-vaccine activist, Bigtree helped lead Tuesday’s protest.

Democratic Senator Richard Pan, who helped create the new laws, took aim at Bigtree on Twitter, saying he “is supported and enriched by a wealthy Wall Street hedge fund manager and his wife who take advantage of and endanger American families and children.”

Since Jan. 1, doctors who issue more than five vaccine exemptions a year are now subject to review. 

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