ANAHEIM, Calif. (KRON) — Disneyland and other California theme parks are no longer bound by state-enforced limitations on how many visitors can come in and where from.

Disneyland started allowing out-of-state guests to the ‘happiest place on Earth’ on June 15, when Gov. Newsom released all businesses from following the safety blueprint that was in place for many months.

The park is also discontinuing on-site temperature checks and won’t force guests to stand or sit 6 ft apart anymore (you can still try to social distance yourself if you wish to.)

Fully vaccinated visitors don’t need to wear a mask anywhere in the park, but anyone who is unvaccinated still needs their mask on while indoors, unless when eating.

Disneyland said it won’t be verifying vaccination statuses.

However, once the Toy Story parking lot opens this week, all guests will need to wear masks while riding Disney’s bus transportation.

The theme park said it will continue using a reservation system, so anyone interested in going will need to book in advance online.