Parking in Los Angeles can be a nightmare, but it can be particularly rough in the congested neighborhood of Koreatown. 

That’s where two drivers recently stood their ground for a prime parking spot — for more than an hour!

The whole debacle was captured from a nearby window and hilariously documented on social media.

Thanks to pictures and videos from Mariah Flores’ window, at 5th and Catalina, the world was able to witness, via Twitter, parallel parking and patience taken to absurd levels.

“Yeah, just kind of a silly situation,” Flores says, 

The driver of a silver car boxed in the driver of the black car.

Flores noticed neither was budging around 6:20 p.m., and started posting Tweets soon after.

“6:40 still here but now they have turned on their flashers,” Flores documents in Tweets. 

They stayed like for more than an hour. 

These two driver were patient but others weren’t.

Flores asked people to choose team silver car or team black car. 

Chrissy Teigen was team black car.

“Of course, anybody who’s a good driver is team black car,” Flores says. 

It was turning dark and neither car had budged.

“Approaching the one hour mark and we did make the one hour mark,” Flores said. 

That’s when Andrew McCrea came out to move his car, creating space for both cars to park.

“I was glad I could resolve that issue I guess,” McCrea said, 

Finally– about an hour and 40 minutes after this face-off started Flores posted “SILVER takes the gold” as that driver opens the door and climbs out.

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