TRUCKEE, Calif. (KTXL) — Four people were killed Monday when a private jet crashed near a golf course in Truckee, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Investigators said the Bombardier CL-600 jet crashed next to the Ponderosa Golf Course on Reynold Way where it struck towering pine trees before plummeting to the ground and bursting into flames. 

Hours later, firefighters were still dousing the main section of the aircraft with water.

Officials said the crash caused a one-quarter-acre fire and downed power lines in the area, which resulted in power outages. 

Gary Highland, who has lived in Truckee for 30 years, said he was sitting inside his home office just before the crash happened. 

“It had to come in at a very steep angle … it could not have had to come in at a slope and literally drop out of the sky,” Highland said. “Huge explosion, and then a fireball as tall as that tree.” 

The people on board, two crew members and two passengers, have not been identified.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be in the area Tuesday to investigate the cause of the crash.