SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — A judge will soon decide whether Gov. Gavin Newsom can have his Democratic Party preference printed on the recall ballot. 

Attorneys representing Newsom and Secretary of State Shirley Weber faced off in court Friday for about an hour. The court prohibited video and audio recording of the hearing. 

At the governor’s request, the Sacramento County judge said he will make a decision on Newsom’s party preference issue in writing Monday.

Newsom’s attorneys tried to convince the judge to order Weber to allow the governor to have his Democratic Party preference printed near his name on the upcoming recall election ballot. 

Weber has refused, noting he missed a deadline and she’s following the law, which prompted the governor to file a lawsuit. 

Gov. Newsom was required to include his party preference in his reply to the recall petition in February of 2020. One of his lawyers who handled the paperwork admitted to the judge Friday he screwed up. 

Shortly after the hearing, Newsom remained tightlipped about it at a separate event in Napa.

“It’s a legal proceeding and I haven’t really been focused on it, and I don’t have much to say,” Newsom told reporters. 

Just blocks away from Sacramento County courts, celebrity gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner announced she’s also jumping into the lawsuit.

“Because I want transparency, I want people to see what’s happening up here in Sacramento,” Jenner said. “I just wanted to be part of this lawsuit so that Shirley Weber doesn’t fold, she actually does her job.”