Major changes can’t happen for PG&E until bankruptcy over, Gov. Newsom says


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — PG&E is expected to get out of bankruptcy by June 30 — about eight months from now. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom is hoping to broker a deal to speed up the process.

“PG&E as we know it cannot persist and continue. It has to be completely transformed, culturally, operationally,” the governor said. 

Newsom is calling on all parties in PG&E’s bankruptcy to come to Sacramento next week to sort out the proceeding sooner.

The governor has said major changes to PG&E cannot happen until its out of bankruptcy.

The utility under constant criticism for its role in wildfires and widespread power shutoffs.

“PG&E as we know it may or may not be able to figure this out if they cannot, we are not going to sit around and be passive,” Newsom said. 

Newsom says the state and now a new ‘strike team’ is exploring any and all back up plans in the event PG&E doesn’t make major changes on its own.

The governor not ruling out a government take over.

Newsom’s administration also hired advisors to envision a 21st century utility, that he says will match the state’s already modern emergency management.

“We have world class firefighters doing world class work. What we don’t have is world class utilities.”

While a conclusion to PG&E’s bankruptcy is still months out and with wildfire season underway, the governor maintains he doesn’t think a special legislative session is necessary at this point while this effort and others are underway.

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