INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KRON) – The attorney for Bryan Cifuentes, the man arrested for attacking 49er fan and Oakland chef Daniel Luna outside the NFC Championship game at LA’s SoFi Stadium, says we still don’t know the full story about what happened. 

“My client has been portrayed as someone who assaulted Mr. Luna and left him there as if this happened in some dark alley.  This happened in a very full open parking lot where everyone was tailing gating and everyone was getting ready for the game.  So it really begs the questions what really happened and who saw what,” attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez said. “I think it’s a fair question to ask why they have not released the video in such a high profile case,” Rodriguez said.

So far, we just have the word of Inglewood’s mayor who says surveillance video shows Luna pushed Cifuentes first, and then Cifuentes responded by punching Luna in the face, which resulted in Luna hitting his head on the pavement. 

Luna has been in a medically induced coma since being hospitalized. 

“The claim of self-defense is a real one,” Rodriguez said.

But Cifuentes’ attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez is also questioning the motives of police and the mayor suggesting the arrest may not have been motivated by the search for the truth, but an attempt to show Inglewood officials have security under control for this weekend’s Super Bowl. 

“Inglewood Police Department is just trying to do everything it can to show it has security under control. And they had to make an arrest to show that but that does not mean my client is guilty it just means Inglewood police had to show that they were doing something,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez hopes the court of public opinion will give his client the benefit of the doubt before rushing to judgment.  

“Obviously, this is not what my client intended, my client was not the aggressor.  He didn’t seek any problems, he was there having a nice time with his friends and family and no one wishes ill on Mr. Luna,” Rodriguez said.

At this point, the DA has not decided whether to file charges against Cifuentes, but his attorney says if it is self-defense it will be a difficult case for them to prove.