PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – An ultra runner is using his talent to raise money for personal protective equipment this weekend.

Because he can’t run outdoors, he is logging 150 miles on a treadmill for a very important cause.

It’s the gateway to the Sierra. The historic and charming town of Placerville.

“The trees are different colors, the mountain, the sky, this is where I want to live,” Herve LaConte said.

More than 30 years ago, the French native, Herve LaConte came running to the United States.

“I  never run in my life, got to run, never stopped since. Just love it,” LaConte said.

He picked up the sport just 5 years ago and is now a passionate “ultra runner”

“Some people think I like pain, no I don’t, I just like to run,” LaConte said.

LaConte is moved by the motto think globally, but act locally.

“All my runs for the year got canceled, I had 3 days in Los Angeles, 10 days in New York, 4 days in Santa Barbara,” LaConte said.

With all the cancellations due to the coronavirus, the 60-year old will now lace up for a masked solo run on an isolated treadmill at the El Dorado Wine Movement.

“What’s funny I’m French native. I do not like wine, never drink wine and do not like cheese,” LaConte said.

The race strategy is to cover 150 miles in 48-hours of  non-stop action.

“The only stop is nature breaks,” LaConte said.

A run to raise awareness and assist with the short supply of personal protective equipment.

“Sewing masks and also for people to look in their basement, attics, workshops, back of their pick up trucks, you’ve got gloves. It’s quantity. Don’t bother about the quality, let somebody decide if it’s quality or not, we will use them,” LaConte said.

A passion running towards a purpose  all while pacing and paying it forward.

“When you help others you help yourself,” LaConte said.

Now if you happen to be in downtown Placerville this weekend picking up some food, why don’t you walk by the El Dorado Wine Movement.

“I can’t say no,” LaConte said.

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