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Moderna COVID-19 vaccine headed to California


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Today the CDC has recommended adults 75 and older and frontline essential workers should be next in line to get the vaccine.

Local health experts say this new rollout is another big step in the right direction.

A second round of hope begins shipping out across the country.

Hundreds of thousand of doses of the new Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are now on their way to California.

“Nice to report that our western states scientific safety review committee reviewed the Moderna trials and unanimously supported it’s safety and efficacy. This clears the way for upwards of 672,000 does to be distributed next week here.”

Locally, UCSF is expected to get 7,900 first doses of the Moderna vaccine and doctors are also excited about the news.

“I’m so full of emotion,” Dr. Peter Chin-Hong said. “When I think about it because you know thank God we live in 2020 and not even five or 10 years ago because this would not have been able to take place.”

Infectious Disease Specialist and UCSF Professor Dr. Peter Chin-Hong says just like the Pfizer-Bio N Tech vaccine — this vaccine will require two injections.

One difference however is how the Moderna vaccine is stored, the Pfizer vaccine requires ultra cold refrigeration.

“The Moderna is kind of a like an M&M and the Pfizer is like a Snickers bar. It’s just a little bit fragile,” Dr. Chin-Hong said. “It’s not as easily stored. because it’s easier to store the Moderna you can use it in more rural communities it can stay in the fridge for a month instead of a few days.”

The new rollout comes as ICU bed capacity across the Bay Area remains below 15%.

The situation is much more dire in other parts of California but Dr. Chin-Hong says that does not mean the Bay Area will not be affected by the low numbers.

“It’s really before time before we not only take care of our own people but we take some of the transfers from other counties.”

Pharmacutecal company Astra Zeneca and major U.S. corporation Johnson&Johnson are both working on the next possible rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Both could be approved in early 2021.

A trial for the latter is being done with help from Stanford Medicine.

One big advantage of Johnson&Johnson’s vaccine is it only requires a single injection.

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