Neighbors: Thousand Oaks bar shooter frequently argued with mother


A couple living behind the house of the Southern California mass shooting suspect says he frequently had loud and aggressive arguments with his mother.

Don and Effie Macleod said in an interview Thursday they heard what sounded like a gunshot from the house during a nighttime argument about 18 months ago but did not call police.

The Macleods have lived in the Newbury Park neighborhood since 1983. Don MacLeod says Colleen Long moved in about 12 years ago and that Ian Long lived in the house on and off.

Authorities say Ian Long shot and killed 12 people late Wednesday at a crowded bar and grill in the nearby city of Thousand Oaks.

The Macleods say they saw Colleen Long walking her dogs around the neighborhood and that they often chatted with her.

But Don Macleod says he avoided speaking with Ian Long because of his body language and the loud, vulgar arguments he had with his mother.

He says “the first I saw the guy I figured out, keep your distance.”

The MacLeods say the arguments seemed to get worse within the last year or so.



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