SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A recent survey of more than 4,000 employees who work from home in California found that 63 percent have never met their colleagues face-to-face.

The survey by noted that there are pros and cons with working from home.

Office disagreements, gossip around the water cooler, and politics are never pleasant. More than half of work-from-home employees said their relationships with work colleagues have actually improved since leaving the office.

“Maybe that’s because they don’t miss their annoying habits, such as talking loudly on the phone, starting boring conversations, or engaging in office politics,” the survey noted.

Employees still sought out social opportunities with co-workers outside of work. Sixty-six percent said they’re more likely to socialize with colleagues outside of working hours.

When it comes to the ways colleagues communicate remotely, 41% use Zoom, while 35% use Teams, 10% use Slack, 8% use WhatsApp and 6% use Skype.

If companies want more employees to venture back into the office, employers will need to improve office dynamics and environments, said Sarah Jameson of

“Many companies are contemplating the idea of continuing the work-from-home model since the pandemic, or juggling the concept of a hybrid model,” Jameson said. “Some businesses face the dilemma of missing out on a strong, cohesive team dynamic with people working remotely instead of in-person. It may be a case of trying to boost the overall office dynamic to encourage team members to return.”