These new California laws take effect Thursday, when the new fiscal year begins:

—California’s ban on buying more than one handgun in a 30-day period expands to semiautomatic centerfire rifles, which include some that meet California’s definition of an assault rifle.

—California will create an ombudsman to advocate for and field complaints from student loan borrowers faced with predatory practices.

—Laura’s Law, a 2002 measure that allows judges to require intensive mental health outpatient treatment, becomes permanent. To qualify a person must have a serious mental illness and recent history of psychiatric hospitalizations, incarceration or violent behavior.

—Portions of two laws designed to help homeowners who lose property in wildfires during states of emergency take effect, including provisions for coverage of living expenses.

—The state’s three prisons for juveniles stop accepting new admissions and will close in 2023.

Texting and driving: The new law makes two convictions for a distracted driving offense within 3 years a point on a driver’s record. Too many points can lead to insurance rates rising or even losing driving privileges.

—Californians may also notice an increase in gas prices starting Thursday, July 1. This is due to an automatic increase in the state’s gas tax that went into effect July 1.

New sales tax rates also go into effect for some parts of California. In Alameda County for example, much of the county is encroaching an 11% sales tax. You can learn more about that here.