SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) – With impeachment proceedings underway in Washington, D.C., California leaders say security is heightened with the possibility of more protests here in the state.

More state leaders are echoing their support for the president’s removal, including the governor.

With lawmakers back to work in Sacramento, the California Capitol was crawling with law enforcement Monday.

In his weekly press briefing, Governor Gavin Newsom on security measures he’s ordering in anticipation of more demonstrations after the deadly riot in D.C.

“I can assure you we have heightened, a heightened level of security as it relates to some concerns,” Newsom said. 

Newsom was not specific on details and neither was the California Highway Patrol.

The governor said he would activate the national guard if needed.

As calls grew last week for president trump’s removal or resignation, the governor wouldn’t say how he felt.

That changed Monday but the governor maintaining he’s focused on COVID-19.

“I’m all for it. So you got it. But I’m trying to get 291 folks from the department of defense trying to get more support from all levels. To be candid with you, I’m focused on this vaccine distribution. I’m focused on the surge.”

As state lawmakers returned for the start of session, members in the assembly Monday made their first order of business a resolution calling for the impeachment or resignation of the president.

“The desecration of democracy, the destruction of property and sadly the loss of life are almost too much to comprehend,” Chad Mayes, I-Yucca Valley, said. 

“The first thing we do on the floor in California is throw a political punch at a lame duck. I think that’s lame. I think the first thing we should be doing is helping families, with COVID-19,” Assm. Devon Mathis R- Visalia

The resolution passed 51-6 with several Republicans not voting.

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