SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Low income Californians may receive a state stimulus payment of $600.

Governor Gavin Newsom proposed the idea for direct payments on Wednesday. It’s being called the Golden State Stimulus.

The “$600 rapid cash support payments” would go to people who make $30,000 or less annually, and includes some undocumented residents who file taxes in California.

According to the governor’s office, there are about four million people eligible.

“Through the Golden State Stimulus, Californians who have been impacted by this pandemic will get help to provide for their families and keep a roof over their heads,” said Newsom. “This plan will provide relief for Californians in need by distributing $600 rapid cash support – for some, at least $1,200 when coupled with federal relief – and extend the eviction moratorium.”

If state lawmakers approve, the payments could be sent as soon as next month.

Newsom made the announcement during a virtual conversation with families who are facing difficult financial situations during the pandemic.

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