SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — California is set to get rid of some of its mask rules when the state plans to full reopen June 15.

The governor explained some of those changes at a press conference on Wednesday.

Governor Newsom says the state will eliminate its outdoor mask mandates on June 15, but it looks like some rules for indoors will remain.

“The bottom line is we’ll go back to the most broad strokes of semblance or normalcy if we continue down this path in the next five weeks,” Newsom said.

With California’s targeted full reopening date about a month away, Governor Newsom says that’s when his administration will be prepared to get rid of outdoor mask mandates.

“Outdoor masking, if we reach that threshold, will be substantially — in fact, will be eliminated,” he said.

Current state mask rules allow  fully vaccinated Californians to go without a mask in most outdoor settings with the exceptions of massive gatherings like live sporting events, performances and festivals.

Meanwhile, those who are not vaccinated have to wear them in those settings, and in other settings where physical distancing is not possible.

As for getting rid of the indoor mask rules, Governor Newsom says California will likely have them beyond June 15.

“Indoor activities, we will still likely have some mask guidelines and mandates but we hope sooner than later that those will be lifted as well,” he said.

The governor mentioned the mask rule changes on a stop in Monterey County while promoting his proposed state budget.

The comments were his attempt to clarify what he reportedly said a day earlier in Los Angeles. The governor told a reporter after June 15, there would be no restrictions, no mandates on businesses large and small with the exception of massive indoor gatherings.

Governor Newsom said the state will be updating its masking guidelines, but didn’t say exactly when.