OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – KRON4 heard from the family of Miguel Vasquez on Friday. He is the Oakland man identified as one of the victims of a suspected serial killer from Stockton.

KRON4 spoke with Vasquez’s daughter and sister who are still seeking justice. Investigators say the 39-year-old father of three was killed in East Oakland in April 2021. He is one of six men believed to be connected to a suspected serial killer. 

Ines is Vasquez’s oldest daughter. She says his death has been painful for their family. 

Vasquez’s daughter tells KRON4, “he was a really great father. He was well-known in Oakland. He was kind. He was a hard worker.”

Stockton’s police chief says ballistics evidence linked Vasquez to several other victims in Stockton. The chief released a video of someone they’re calling a “person of interest.”

Vasquez had been living on the streets in Oakland and worked odd jobs. Vasquez’s sister is scared that her brother’s killer is still out there.

His sister tells KRON4, “he’s heartless, and he’s killing innocent people without caring that they have children or families.”

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Oakland and Stockton police are working together to find the killer. Vasquez’s daughter says, “we just want justice for the families out there and for my dad too.”