Outrage over high school Nazi-themed party in Southern California


After a Nazi-themed party was held over the weekend, hundreds of people gathered at a Southern California high school to express their anger on Monday night.

Photos from the party spread across social media of students hailing swastikas while playing a drinking game. 

Jewish students that attend Newport Harbor High School told a packed gym on Monday that they aren’t surprised this happened.  

These students shared that swastikas are carved into bathroom walls and desks around campus, they just try to ignore them. 

Local Mayors, school district representatives, leaders from temples, anti-hate groups and parents of Blaze Bernstein gathered Monday night to talk about the impact this hate has on others, however small.

Blaze Bernstein’s mother said her son died as a result of ignorance and intolerance which is why she is fighting for a change and to help others.

Two Holocaust survivors in attendance received a standing ovation. The women said the thoughtless act does not scare them but if it is unaddressed it is unknown where it could lead. 

The students who were at the party over the weekend are believed to be from three Orange County high schools and sources say students who participated will be suspended.  

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