SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) – Days after his tour through California, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg rolled out his housing and homelessness plan on Monday.

Housing and homelessness are at the center of Buttigieg’s latest plan if elected president.

The Indiana mayor proposed building more than half a million new affordable housing units by increasing the low-income housing tax credit by 50% over the next five years.

He also proposes to expand federal housing assistance to an extra 5-million families with children.

If he becomes president, he hopes to help 7-million families access affordable housing and make way for the construction of 2-million rental units.

While California grapples with its homelessness and housing issues, West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon says this is the kind of federal help the state needs.

“We need to build a lot more housing of all types, especially affordable housing and the federal government has always been the main partner up until now. The second most important part of this plan is homelessness, REALLY making sure we’re providing shelter, housing, transition and support for veterans, families, children, mom and this plan goes all in with what we’ve learned in communities like mine and all throughout California,” Cabaldon said.

Also included in his plan, Buttigieg wants to establish a federal fund to give families access to legal help for those facing eviction.

In direct response to homelessness, Buttigieg proposes a multi-billion-dollar plan for rapid-rehousing for youth, emergency funding for cities facing a homelessness crisis, and investments for permanent housing to adults facing chronic homelessness.

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