SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (KRON) — A steel pipe belonging to PG&E caused a boat crash in the delta in San Joaquin County over the weekend, the sheriff’s department said.

Boaters in the delta near Mildred Island are now asked to use caution after a boat crashed into the pipe on Sunday.

According to the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, the steel gas pipe belongs to PG&E and is out of service.

The pipe is hundreds of feet in size and 24-inches in diameter, the sheriff’s department said.

It was submerged under water and difficult to see.

The U.S. Coast Guard is now working with PG&E to get rid of the hazard from the delta.

Sunday’s crash happened near Mildred Island and the Empire Cute.

The boat’s propulsion gear was damaged after hitting the pipe, which was blocking the entrance to the island.