Police: Uber driver kidnaps couple, sparks chase through Santa Monica


It was a scary Halloween night for a Santa Monica couple.

Their Uber driver led police on a chase through a residential neighborhood.

The couple watched it all unfold from the back seat–at least until they decided to jump out of the moving car.

It was just before 7 p.m. on Halloween and police were chasing an Uber driver in this blue Prius.

Trick-or-treaters saw it all.

“We were worried about the children,” witness Andy Wasif said.

Wasif had taken his niece trick-or-treating and saw the strange chase that went around the same block three times, so he started recording it.

“It was a wild Halloween,” Wasif said.

Santa Monica police were after 35-year-old Kaled Elasyedsa Ali, an Uber driver from Anaheim who allegedly threatened to kidnap the woman and man in his back seat.

“We got a call from a female in an Uber who said the driver was not letting her get out of the car,” Santa Monica police Lt. Saul Rodriguez said.

Police say while they were chasing the car through Santa Monica they got more calls.

“We received three. Same type–armed with a handgun, threatened to kidnap them,” Lt. Rodriguez said.

The chase started around 23rd and Santa Monica and wound through residential streets.

“At some point, the two jumped out of the moving car–cuts and bruises,” Lt. Rodriguez said.

Ali eventually stopped at Bundy and Montana and turned himself in.

The driver is now facing kidnapping and felony evading arrest charges.

He’s scheduled to be in court tomorrow.



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