Police: Woman sexually assaulted in West Sacramento apartment laundry room


WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNN) — “It scares you as a parent because you have kids.”

Jennifer Magaña said she no longer feels safe at home after West Sacramento police said a man held a knife on a woman’s neck and attempted to sexually assault her inside The Rivermark’s laundry room.

“Once it occurs inside where you maybe go wash a late night load about 8-9 o’clock, its terrifying now,” Magaña said. “Now I won’t.”

Police said the man told the woman to be quiet and let him do what he wanted.

She resisted, and police said that’s when he knocked her to the ground, kicked her and stomped on her.

Neighbors said the victim now has bruises on her face and that she lives here with her little kids.

“A lot of moms here are stay at home moms,” Magaña said. “You’ll see all throughout the day moms are just here with their kids.”

West Sacramento police said the suspect drove over the I Street Bridge just before and after the attack.

“It could have been me.”

A woman who lives here, who didn’t want her face shown, said she recognizes the suspect, claiming to have a strange encounter with him a few weeks ago.

“He came up to me and he asked me if I wanted to make some money, and I said no,” she said. “And I was walking off and he started following me right behind me and I turned around and looked at him like what are you doing why are you following me and he just walked around the corner.”

When detectives came to her door asking about the suspect, the woman we spoke with said she reported that incident to them.

Meanwhile Magaña said she’s now being more cautious and keeping a closer eye on her own children.

“Now we think twice, now we got to make sure the kids are inside at all times and if we go to the laundry room we’re with them,” she said. “I used to leave my door unlocked all the time because I’m home, I thought I was in a secured area. Now it’s definitely locked and my dog is definitely leased out in the living room.”

The management of the complex reportedly promised to install cameras in the laundry room.

But neighbors said often the security doors are propped open, allowing anyone to get inside.

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