SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – How fast do you blow through your cash after payday? For many of us that answer is changing quickly due to the costs of inflation hitting our pocketbooks hard. surveyed 3,012 workers to learn how quickly they run out of money after payday. According to the survey, the average Californian reported that they go through their entire budget only 15 days after payday. This means that the average Californian becomes incredibly cash-strapped only halfway through the month.

The survey results showed that the average American spent their full budget 14 days after payday. According to the map of the survey results, the state where folks spend their paycheck fastest is New Mexico where it only takes eight days to spend. And according to this report we should all be looking to North Dakota for advice on balancing our budget – North Dakotans reported that it takes them 28 days to spend their full check. also studied search trends for the word “coupon” over the past two years to determine if people are looking for ways to save money. They found that there was an 82.35% increase in queries for “coupons.” There was also a 76.47% increase in searches for “promo code.”