SACRAMENTO (KRON/AP) — The decision by California’s top law enforcement official to not charge the police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark sparked outrage among protesters Tuesday night at Sacramento’s City Council meeting. 

One by one, protesters took to the podium in front of the council and Sacramento’s mayor in protest of the decisions made by state Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Protesters were also angered by the manner of the arrests at protests Monday night in East Sacramento.

The DA’s decision over the weekend prompted protesters to take to the streets in East Sacramento last night — resulting in more than 80 arrests, according to police. 

In light of the manner of those arrests, Sacramento’s police chief and mayor said they’ll be investigating officers’ actions.

Protesters at Tuesday’s meeting said officers were overly-agressive in their arrests, pushing and using zipties to detain protesters.

The police chief called the number of protesters who showed up Monday “unusual.”

Officials are now reviewing body camera footage from Monday night’s events. 

Attorney General Becerra announced today the findings of his investigation in Clark’s death, acknowledging his decision was not what the Clark family was looking for. 

“There’s a young man who’s no longer alive,” Becerra said. “Two sons who won’t have a father. Whose mother I just met is still grieving. Of course it was a tough call. These are all tough calls. It’s never easy.”

Becerra said evidence showed the Sacramento police officers feared for their lives during the encounter, believing Clark had a gun, despite the 22-year-old only having a cell phone. 

“Nothing can bring back Stephon Clark and nothing helps end the pain that his family carries,” Becerra said.

Crowds erupted Tuesday night with protesters calling for justice despite the DA and attorney general’s findings.

A 19-year-old woman addressed the city council, asking when city leaders will begin supporting black issues.

“Are you really going to support black issues or are you just going to call for community healing when another one of your dogs you let off their leashes kills us,” she said. “You guys have put us in a cage.”

The City Council meeting ended Tuesday after about four hours. 

With the conclusion of the state and local investigations, U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott and Sean Ragan, who heads the FBI’s Sacramento office, said they and the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will review the results to see whether the officers violated Clark’s civil rights. 

Sacramento’s Black Lives Matter chapter has organized another protest for Wednesday afternoon at the police department.

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