SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — Supporters of the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom say they’re inching closer to their goal.

Hundreds of thousands of paper petitions are prepared in a Sacramento area mail room, an epicenter of the recall Gavin Newsom effort. 

“This mail room processes the bulk of our outgoing mail..” 

Orrin Heatley is the lead proponent of the recall effort. 

He says Thursday, the mail room had 10,000 incoming petitions. In order for the recall to head to voters, the group needs 1.5 million signatures validated by the secretary of state’s office. 

The group as of Thursday says it has received about 1.475 million total petitions of their 1.8 million goal — accounting for a potential rejection rate of about 25% of the signatures. 

“We are confident we can achieve that as long as people maintain the momentum that we’re at right now,” Orrin Heatley said. “We’re gathering anywhere from 7,500 to a hundred thousand signatures week.”

Inside the office, big boxes surround supporters who sort mail and swap stories.

“I voted for Gavin Newsom.”

Some shared how the governor’s policies amid the pandemic shut down businesses and took children out of schools, like Andrea Hedstrom.

“This is heartbreaking, this is a tragedy,” Hedstrom said. “And Newsom is the one authoring this.” 

The group has until mid March to gather signatures for the recall. Governor Gavin Newsom meanwhile has said he is not focused on the effort, but on vaccine distribution and reopening schools.