REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) — A private investigator hired by Scott Peterson’s family has identified new suspects in the death of Laci Peterson.

Reporters who gathered in a Modesto courthouse for Scott Peterson’s first hearing since his death sentence was overturned were surprised when his sister-in-law, Janey Peterson, revealed that a PI had uncovered new suspects in a murder case that captured the world’s attention in the early 2000s.

When one reporter asked Janey Peterson the name of the new suspects, she declined to say.

But in an email exchange with KRON4 this week, Janey Peterson was more candid.

She said the suspects were traced to the “Medina Burglary” and “the Aponte Tip.”

Laci Peterson
Laci Peterson

On the same day that Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve of 2002, her neighbor’s house across the street was burglarized.

The Medina family’s house was burglarized within hours of when Scott Peterson left Modesto to go fishing in Berkeley.

Scott Peterson has always maintained his innocence. He said his pregnant wife was home when he left to go fishing.

His defense team asserts in court documents that if Laci Peterson was still alive when Scott Peterson left Modesto, he is innocent.

Janey Peterson said the “ScottPetersonAppeal” Facebook page had more details about the new suspects.

The Facebook page states, “we are revealing NEVER BEFORE RELEASED EVIDENCE that further connects the Medina burglary to Laci’s disappearance.”

The page writes, “Laci went missing on December 24, 2002 at seven and a half months pregnant. Multiple calls to the police indicated she was last seen that morning walking their dog, McKenzi, in her Modesto neighborhood. While she was on this walk, Scott was logged onto the computer at his office and was soon to be en route to the Berkeley Marina. These sightings of Laci not only exonerate Scott, but they place Laci in the neighborhood while another crime was being committed. (See #MedinaBurglary).”

“While Laci was walking, the Medinas, who lived across the street from Scott and Laci, left to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles. They returned two days later to find their house had been burglarized. Another neighbor, Diane Jackson, reported she saw three men loading a safe in a van in front of the Medina home the morning Laci went missing. The Medinas had tens of thousands of dollars in cash and possessions stolen from their home,” the page states.

Scott Peterson ( Getty Images )

“It didn’t take the police long to make an arrest in the burglary. An anonymous informant came forward “out of concern for Laci” and named 4 men,” the page states.

Two of the four men were arrested on suspicion burglary on January 2: Steven Todd and Glenn Pearce.

“Just four days after Steven Todd and Glenn Pearce were arrested, ‘America’s Most Wanted’ ran a story on Laci’s disappearance. An anonymous call came into their hotline. We refer to it as the AMW tip. Like other leads, this handwritten tip was lost in over 48,000 pages of discovery only to be found years after Scott’s trial. This caller said he had a conversation with two men who were bragging about Laci’s murder. The first man was a named individual whom, due to our ongoing investigation, we will call ‘John Doe.’ The second man was unnamed, but the tipster gave a description and knew where the second individual lived. It was reported that John Doe said ‘when they did it they thought it was going to be just another murder case . . . now it’s a big case all over TV and news . . . and they are blaming the husband and they are not getting any attention.’ John Doe went on to say how stupid everyone was,” the page states.

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